The Beauty Queen

Lizzy-Lee was but 9 years old when she discovered her love for beauty. Beauty as in hair, nails and make-up, that is. Every day before school she would ask her Mom to help do her hair and every day after school she would  ask her Mom to help re-paint her nails. Because, somehow, every day they chipped. Lizzy-Lee refused to be seen with chipped nail polish.

One time, she told me that she wanted to grow up the be a cosmotologist, my dad told me that was like a hair, nail and make-up specialist. Which, totally makes sense.


A couple days went by without seeing Lizzy-Lee at school. I wondered what had happened to her. Was she sick? Was she moving? Was she on vacation?

I asked myself many questions until one day I saw Lizzy-Lee back at school. That day, was a day to remember.

Lizzy- Lee walked in flaunting her long, blonde hair. But, something was different. Her hair wasn’t actually blonde. I mean, it was blonde but it was green.

I guess Lizzy-Lee went swimming in a chlorine pool that had way too much copper in it and it turned her hair green! Her sister said she refused to leave the house for three full days!

But, there was something much different about Lizzy-Lee that day. And it wasn’t just her green hair. That day, Lizzy-Lee came up and talked to me. She has never talked to me before, I wasn’t quite cool enough for her. But, today, I was! She told me that she admired my ‘tom-boy’ style and how I didn’t care much for chipped nails.

That day, was the start of our long-term friendship. That day, Lizzy-Lee was no longer a beauty queen. She was a little girl with a BIG passion.



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