Two years later.. I need a change.

I started college about two years ago and since then my life has been full of crazy adventures and a whole lot of growing up. I am now going into my junior year of college and had a realization one would dream of having after only a year of college, if at all. The dreadful realization that I want nothing to do with my major.

Now as a junior in college, I have decided to change my major. It sucks. The feelings I have been having, two years of college towards a degree that I dont want to be a part of. The comment, “so, you’re a junior in college and you don’t know what you want to do”.

It’s all truly fantastic. However, that guy who knows absolutely nothing about me and felt the need to comment on my decision to change my major, was completely wrong.

I do know what I want to do. I want to persue my dreams, no matter how crazy.

I want to be an author.

I’m writing this because I have decided to incorporate more short stories into my blog.

And I am asking for help and support from my friends and family. Please share with my your thoughts on my stories and help keep me driven even in times of doubt.

I am extremely excited to be pursing my dreams.


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